Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Titan Quality

We focus on quality.

Titan Machine Products, Inc. has a comprehensive quality management system.

  • We focus on the highest standards in developing contractual documents and corporate forms.
  • We maintain excellent shop floor control through process control sheets and Realtrac database management.
  • Our NonConforming products utilize their own NC tag database, product id, root cause and corrective & preventative action.
  • Titan's inspection records are well kept from receipt, to in-process, first article and final acceptance.

We understand measuring success with corporate metrics.

  • We monitor supplier quality, QMS, schedules, costs, and responsiveness.
  • Our performance record outlines measurement of scrap and root cause analysis.
  • Titan Machine Products, Inc. has a strong emphasis on 'Continuous Improvement'.

We value management review meetings.

  • Quick follow up on actions
  • Quantified performance metrics
  • Customer feedback
  • External and internal audit results
  • Preventive corrective action status
  • QMS compliance issues and proposed QMS changes
  • Continuous Improvement recommendations

We understand the cost of quality.

  • We limit costs through NonConformance prevention and appraisals
  • We know NonConformance issues can cause internal failure, external faliure and lost opportunity
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